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The Whatsapp Sale BluePrint

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Why Get Whatsapp Sale BluePrint

Hundreds of People (including those you might know) Have Used the Secret Strategies in this Book To Generate Over ₦85,000,000 in Sales...

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I kid you not. Nearly all the people who use WhatsApp for sales and marketing today learnt it from me directly or indirectly.

Dear Friend,

If you are looking for the ultimate guide to making money online using your Whatsapp in Nigeria, this is the best page you will ever find.

Aside the fact that the secret strategies in this book helped me make sales, many of the book readers and students have sent me emails and messages to thank me for how the book has helped them generate more sales and create a life of abundance.

It all began when I joined an affiliate marketing program in early 2021.

After joining the program, I saw that many people concentrated on email marketing and running ads on Facebook.

Not that those were bad but the learning curve was high for beginners.

Even some experts find it hard to close sales consistently because of email low open and click through rates. 

Since I have been making sales with Whatsapp since 2018, I decided to use the same strategies with my new affiliate marketing program which i will share with you on this course.

In less than 21 days, I have crossed N800,000 in sales and got a commission of N380,000

The product I promoted on Whatsapp gave me 25-70% commission (I used this same product as example in the book, WhatsApp Sales Blueprint).

This Whatsapp Sale Blueprint is an eye-opener, if you are struggling to make sales on your current Business. Here I will show you step by step guide on how you can literally close sale on a complete autopilot on whatsapp without sounding if you are selling. Get this right, if you do not have this blueprint, you may end up losing sales on whatsapp each time you wish to run an ads on your next Marketing sale process on whatsapp. The good aspect of this Whatsapp Sale Blueprint guide is that you can apply it on any business you are currently doing and you will hit your sale target at the end of the day. No more low sale count on your business after you go through this ecource and training.  

Why Whatsapp for Marketing and Sales?

First, let's see some stats:

  • - Whatsapp is currently used in 180 countries by 1.5 billion users in the world
  • - Whatsapp has over 1 billion active DAILY users
  • - Whatsapp has higher open rates and click through rate
  • - Whatsapp is the MOST ACTIVE social media platform in Nigeria (HootSuite)

Introducing Whatsapp Sale BluePrint

With Whatsapp Sales Blueprint you need...

  • No website
  • No complex sales funnel
  • No Facebook ads (for a start)
  • No Stress Creating Products of Your Own
  • and Yes, it's better than Email Marketing...

What You Will Learn From WhatsApp Sales Blueprint (WSB):

  • My Journey to Over N380,000 in Less than 3 Weeks Using These Whatsapp Strategies
  • The lesson I learnt from the 26th president of the US that Made My Sales Jumped the Fence
  • Discover how to use the RS Formula to Close More Sales on Whatsapp. This formula would blow your mind. 
  • The 5 ways to make money with your WhatsApp (it’s not what you’re thinking of)
  • One Powerful marketing word that is proven to increase your chance of getting leads by 99%
  • Seven (7) Common Mistakes to Avoid when Selling on Whatsapp
  • One digital product I sold that made me over N250,000 in less than 3 Weeks

The exact sales script that made me over N380,000.  All you need do is copy and paste to suit  your audience.

Here’s What You’ll Get When you Order for this course 

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Fast Action Takers Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Master The Art of Storytelling - Valued at N10,000 (FREE today only)

Story is the most powerful form of human communication. Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, and challenge. They help us understand, imprint a picture on our minds. Want to make a point or raise an issue?Tell a story. Story sells all the time. This crash course will help you learn and master the art of story telling.  Sharpen your content/script writing for your Whiteboard Animation Videos

Bonus #2: Content Marketing Secrets - Valued at N7,500 (FREE today only)

Content Marketing Secrets is a complete and comprehensive blueprint to kickstart your content marketing journey and elevate your online business.

In this blueprint, you will discover 6 bulletproof strategies that work and is proven time and time again.

This blueprint will also unravel the characteristics of high-converting content, tactics which are not widely shared and kept secret by expert content marketers.

Bonus #3: Funnel Secrets - Valued at N15,000 (FREE today only)

Funnel Secrets is a complete and comprehensive blueprint to help you design highly profitable funnel for any products ideas that you may have.

With this, you will witness EPIC results as you DOUBLE... even TRIPLE your profits - all seemingly with no extra effort, no extra customers, and no extra traffic!

About (Engr. Onyema Shedrach)

I am a 7+ Figure Online NetPrenur, Founder of various Fine Tech startup in Africa, a VTU geek, Youtube content Creator, CryptoFreak Advocate, Founder of 24HRIG platform and Digital Marketing expect. I do coding and web Development as  full stack WebDeveloper when I am not mentoring my student. 


Happy customers

Christian Ume

WSB Student

Straight to the Point 

I got value for my purchase as everything is straight to the point as MR. Sherdrach rightly said on the sale page. I have started building my custom audience for my Business now.  


WSB Student 

I am making sale Everyday 

I am making sales every day on my Business thanks to the knowledge I got from this training course. Thank you so much Boss for this special Training. 

Faith Mba 

WSB Student 

I Got a Job 

I have got a Job to work as a Digital Marketer after 6 years of graduating from the University with no Job thanks to the Teaching and Coaching so far, I will buy more of your course sir.  

Extra Course Bonus

Briefly below are the key thing you will get Extra Bonus when you order for this Course


Bonus #1: 25 Lead Magnet Ideas To Grow Your WhatsApp Contact List

Now for your Whatsapp Sale Blueprint to work, you need to have a Whatsapp Sale Lead Magnet.  If you want to be seen as an authority, you should be the hunted and not the hunter. Rather than chasing people from Facebook groups and spamming them to save your contact, you can position yourself as an authority by using a lead magnet and attracting people to you.I will give you access to 25 hot lead magnet ideas you can deploy to attract more leads on Whatsapp.

(VALUE: N10,000 – It’s FREE Today!)


Bonus  #2: How I Made N250K On WhatsApp In 5 Days

In this eBook, I’ll show you exactly how I was able to make N250k on Whatsapp in 5 days.This is a practical guide and I didn’t hold anything back. No fluff. Just straight to the point action points you can follow to duplicate my results.

(VALUE: N10,000 – It’s FREE Today!)


Bonus #3: How To Become A Daily Income Earner

If you spend money daily, then it is equally important you find a way to make money daily otherwise poverty will find a way to visit you daily. In this eBook, I will show you exactly how to become a daily income earner so you can start making money for yourself daily.

 (VALUE: N10,000 – It’s FREE Today!)

The Total Value For Whatsapp Sale Blueprint+ Magnetic Whatsapp Lead Generator + All The Bonuses:



Plus you will get below statistics on your

Sale and Business 


Conversion Rate




Product Sales


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Free Access to Free My 7 days Premium Online Training Class where you learn step by step guide on how to generate  from N3000-N15000 Daily online in Nigeria without no cash all on autopilot. This training class worth over N50,000 in value but you are having it for free just by purchasing this course. What are waiting for, get this course now and thank me latter.

What you will benefit on this Free 7 Days Premium Training Class

Direct Mentorship Training with me where you learn and Grow a 7+figure Business like among what you will learn are, 

Digital Marketing Skill

You will learn and be introduce to the world of Digital Marketing Skill that will make you real money on a complete Autopilot 

Affiliate Marketing Skill 

You will learn the right way to do Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria & other country so you do not sound like scammer 

Sale Funnel Skill 

You will learn for free how to build and develop a sale funnel business that will make you over N15k Daily. 

Why You need Whatsapp Sale Blueprint Course

It is straight to the Point with exact thing you need to do at each stage to start closing sales on demand using whatsapp even if you hate talking or selling. This Training have been packaged to make you move from having zero client on your business to having thousand of client that pay for your offer daily which enable you to start making real money everyday using just your whatsapp. The strategy shared on this course can be applied to any business you are doing to get maximum result and daily patronage from on your business. 

How Much is this Course 

To get the Whatsapp Sale BluePrint plus all the bonus attached as highlighted on this page will cost you just


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Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Mr. Shedrach have trained 100-thousand of Nigerians who have started making it big on the internet Business in Nigeria, here are few of their testimony and recommendation.

Mike Adeboye

WSB student 

My Sales Result is 100% 

I was one of the early student who bought these WSB from Mr. Shedrach when the course was first publish. I am now getting result from my Business. 100% Lead conversion and closing of Sales on a daily bases is what I am experiencing now on my business. 

Latina Jane 

WSB Student 

It work for Me 

I am from the USA, I got to know about this course on the youtube channel. I bought these course to know if this can work for my business as a foreigner and it works for me. I am now a sale Digital Strategic planner for my company here in the USA. 


WSB Student

My Traffic Soar 

I am really getting quality lead from my business after implementing the lead magnet training I learnt from these course. My eCommerce business is now back on track thanks to the training and support I got from you guys. 


When will I have ACCESS TO THE COURSE?

Once you make your payment, your training course will be available  via your dashboard on your download area when you login into your 24HRIG account. 


Affiliate Marketer, Content Creator, Digital Marketer, Business Owner, Job seeker or any one looking for a way to sale more faster using the power of whatsapp.


Absolutely yes, you can apply the knowledge you learn from Whatsapp Bluperint on any Business you are running in Nigeria and start getting quick and fast result. 


You need to have whatsapp installed on your Smartphone and follow the lay down procedure guide to start closing sale 

Boost Your Skills. Join 7,000+ Students

Get this training course today and start getting real time result on your business today using the strategy inside these blueprint. 


If you are a Business owner or intending Business owner in Nigeria or someone looking for a guide to start closing sales on autopilot, then you need these course, get this training now and start closing sales like the pro you see online. You can be rest assured of my prompt support if you need any further assistant from me. I am here to guide and support you.